Summer Camp 2019 “Explore Pendhalungan” UM Jember

We are Office of International Affairs and Public Relation, University of Muhammadiyah Jember (UM Jember) - Indonesia. We pleased to announce that our Summer Camp event is now open Summer Camp 2019 “Explore Pendhalungan”. This event will run from July 15th – 21st July 2019. Our goal for this event are, increase the understanding of other cultures from all participants, introduce closely about Pendhalungan culture and its value, introduce and provide the practice of making costumes from the biggest carnaval event called Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC), and improve the global vision for cultural side.

The Summer Camp will be attended by participants from some countries, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia. The event will be opened by Rector of Muhammadiyah Jember University, Mr. Muhammad Hazmi, D.E.S.S.

This Summer Camp 2019 “Explore Pendhalungan” agendas includes Bahasa Indonesia training (Indonesian Language training), Pendhalungan cultural event, local business filed trips, making of JFC costume and Grand Jury, coffee and chocolate making process, cultural exchange, traditional games and more. This camp will use English Language for communication at the camp.

Each participant will experience the diversity and unique of Indonesia culture, especially Pendhalungan culture. The camp will offer free pick up service from Jember Airport (Notohadinegoro Airport), Jember Station, Jember Terminal (Tawang Alun Terminal), room, accommodation during the program, and activities to accepted participants.

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